Using the Cyber Coach Smart is as simple as logging into a website. (All the clever cloud server technology is hidden.) In the unlikely event that you are unable to login, please first check that your interactive whiteboard & computer are working normally and can access the internet by visiting a website such as the BBC.

The next step is to visit our Test page, where the problem will be automatically diagnosed. If you are still having problems, or would just like to talk the issue through with someone, please do not hesitate to call us or email (details can be found on our contact page).

Email / Password Problem

When faced with the log-in page, your e-mail address and password are requested.If the password is misplaced, please select the “I Forgot My Password” button in the bottom left corner of the screen. The password will then be sent to the registered e-mail address

Video Stutter

Occasionally, local networks may not be able to stream the videos smoothly. In this rare case, it may be necessary to “buffer” the videos.To buffer videos, please choose “settings” from the front screen and set the buffer time appropriate to your network conditions (typically 20 seconds is more than sufficient).

In the unlikely event that this does not stop the videos stuttering then there is the option of using a lower quality video. To select, the lower quality video, please choose “settings” from the front screen and set the “Network Speed” to low.


    Please note that we never sell your data and treat it with the upmost of respect. To see our full data protection policy click here.