Emile makes homework easy for both teachers and parents. The children are happy to do their homework, they want to play the games and have an appetite to discover Emile’s story.

Teachers can select from over a 100 unique online maths games that comprehensively cover the UK’s curriculum, and can assign one or more maths games to pupils. Detailed tracking of the performance of the class and each child is readily accessible with automated email reports available on demand. This reporting is aimed at reducing a teacher’s workload and highlighting issues from common misunderstandings, to work that is not sufficiently challenging.

The pupils can easily access and enjoy playing the maths games, progressing alongside Emile and Aimee and uncovering their story.

Emile allows teachers to control what students learn and the pace they learn at. Pupils receive feedback as they progress through the games, which removes the usually inevitable delay between completing the work and it being corrected.

Try Emile now and watch your students enjoy their homework.


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