Routines & Instructors

Routines & Instructors

By providing a wide variety of dance styles that capture children’s interest, Cyber Coach PE routines appeal to all. Routines cover genres such as Street Dance, Body Poppin’, Aerobics, Disco, Bollywood, Combat, Cheerleading, Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tai Chi, Musical Theatre, Marine Training and many more! Below is a description of just a few of the available classes:

Kardy Aerobics

Let Kardy lead a class through basic street dance and hip hop moves. In his distinctive outfits and with his fun and cheeky personality shining through, no-one can fail to have fun. Having choreographed and produced music videos, the choreography is perfectly pitched to be accessible by all with delivery tips throughout to help develop the understanding that subtle movements can have on the impact of a performance.

Key Stage One ‘Weather’

Our ‘weather’ themed set of routines encourage children to: create choreography and improvise, imitate the weather from rain to wind, explore vocabulary such as “volume”, “space” and “balance”, and to combine movements and phrases of dance together to tell a story.


Reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever, Grease and the 80’s, Stuart Harrop leads this entertaining set of routines including actions such as ‘comb your hair’, ‘star’ and the ‘funky chicken’!  Stuart combines his ballroom dancing background and his flair for creating choreography to produce a lavish and unique presentation. Regularly repeating and building on previous moves to ensure everyone progresses.


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