Cyber Coach Smart +

Cyber Coach Smart + Summary

Pupils’ attitudes towards exercise vary greatly – where some can be enthusiastic, others often require a more inventive approach to get them active and engaged. The Cyber Coach Smart+ has been developed to address this variety of attitudes, relying on children’s sense of fun to engage.

The Cyber Coach Smart+ package includes a range of interactive dance mats and dance mat games in addition to the instructor led sessions found on Smart.

Pupils can play and compete at games which respond to their movements on soft dance mats. Games are streamed straight to interactive whiteboards and are regularly used during breakfast/lunchtime/after school clubs, during classes and wet play. The fun element means they prove extremely popular even with those not normally inclined towards traditional exercise.

Some of the dance mat games are educational and some are purely fun, but all have been shown to help improve co-ordination and balance.

Cyber Coach PE and Smart+ routines and games are streamed via the internet and work with equipment most schools already have such as interactive whiteboards and laptops.

Cyber Coach Smart + Features

The Games on Cyber Coach Smart Plus encourage whole classes of children to exercise without realising it! Cyber Coach Smart + has a range of features:

  • Engage children with a variety of games from Space Blaster to Nimble Numbers
  • Improve concentration, alertness in class & ability to stay on task
  • Games can be selected according to age and interests
  • Designed to be used with existing interactive whiteboards

Common uses of the Cyber Coach Smart Plus include:

  • Breakfast Clubs
  • Lunch Time Clubs
  • Wet Play
  • Parent – Child Clubs
  • After School Clubs

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