When they try Cyber Coach PE, teachers frequently comment on how engaged the pupils are and how much the pupils enjoy the routines. From the upbeat ‘Kardy Aerobics’ to the creative ‘Muscial Theatre’ Cyber Coach, routines are clearly themed and led by professionals. It allows pupils to try lots of different types of dance and exercise and hopefully find out which dances are their favourites. Of course, finding enjoyment in exercise sets a precedent for their attitude towards physical activity later in life.

Everybody Can Get Involved

Cyber Coach PE is a really great way to get everyone in school involved and enjoying keeping fit and active. No specialist dance training is needed. It is easy to use, and it helps to enable all staff to deliver a motivating activity session with enthusiasm and confidence.

Increases Physical Activity

A regular slot of 10 minutes per day in the morning equates to 50 minutes more exercise per week.  With Cyber Coach PE being incorporated into the daily routines of pupils through wake and shake sessions, brain gym, fit breaks and lunchtime and after school clubs, it comes as no surprise that many schools have found this has increased physical activity by 50% or more.


Schools report that regular ‘brain breaks’ or ‘fit breaks’ provided throughout the day substantially improve pupils’ concentration levels and ability to stay on task during lesson time. Active children are finding it easier to focus during more academic parts of the day.. boys that would normally gravitate towards inappropriate behaviours are more frequently noticed making sensible choices.

Finding Space

When time and space is at a premium,  Cyber Coach PE provides an easy and convenient way to build exercise into the school day without any hassle. The majority of routines can be done in the classrooms with no need for booking hall space or surplus equipment. Some schools also like to bring several classes together to use the resource in the hall.

Role Models

The different instructors on Cyber Coach PE are all specialists in their field and provide pupils with various positive role models.


Cyber Coach PE appeals to all pupils including those who are not ‘into’ traditional sports. Pupils gain confidence as they try new things, learn and grasp the moves and enjoy exercising with others in a non-competitive environment.  Cyber Coach PE lends itself well to use during lunch time and after school clubs where pupils can try something new and mix with new people.


Cyber Coach PE helps schools to achieve and meet guidelines towards the 5 hours of exercise children need every week to keep fit and healthy, regularly increasing their heart rate and preventing the risk of obesity and associated health problems. It has been supported and endorsed by many local NHS authorities, who have often implemented the resource as part of long term goals to drive down and prevent obesity.



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