Presentation of Language

Virtual Lessons

Meant for non-specialist teachers, we have filmed and recorded the excellent Anna teach vocabulary and grammar points in a number of 5 minutes lessons.

The Virtual Teacher sessions can be used by teachers as a suggested lesson, as part of the lesson plans or played directly in class. Even specialist teachers have appreciated students hearing and seeing someone else’s teaching techniques.

Lesson Powerpoints

Each topic has Lesson Powerpoints, to introduce and reinforce vocabulary and grammatical concepts at an appropriate rate. They give a detailed breakdown of vocabulary and grammar and can be used with your pupils. With audio clips of native speakers throughout teachers find themselves re-using these slides again and again.


Sofie and Kensai (native French speakers) hold very brief and simple conversations. Each conversation is on twice; with and without subtitles. These can be watched on the white board and allow the children to lip-read as well as listen which greatly improves pronunciation


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