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Cyber Coach significantly increases the levels of physical activity pupils participate in during the school week, providing a wide range of products from ‘Cyber Coach French’ to ‘Cyber Coach PE’ enabling everyone to get moving.

Cyber Coach Smart Summary

The secret of Cyber Coach’s success is apparent in the resounding comment we hear back from staff at the schools who use it – ‘the pupils absolutely love it!’. So if you are looking for something a little bit different that will engage pupils and keep them active, this is for you.

Schools use Cyber Coach:

  • To enhance their provision of ‘Wake and Shake’ activity as pupils arrive in the morning;
  • As a regular ‘brain break’ to help pupils channel their energy and concentrate in class;
  • To provide all the staff in school with inspiration and confidence delivering physical activity;
  • To provide all staff with a tool to help deliver exercise activities;
  • To guarantee pupils some exercise when venturing outdoors is not an option;
  • As a basis for lunchtime, after school and breakfast clubs;
  • As a support to school staff where PE or dance provision is outsourced; and
  • As an activity for several classes to use together.

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