MFL Dance Resources

Why MFL Dance Resources are perfect for primary schools.

In 2014, MFL became compulsory in Key Stage 2 without much funding to train teachers or employ specialist teachers.

In the UK, we are all painfully aware of our nation’s linguistic abilities relative to our European neighbours. (We’re currently working with a number of education specialists across Europe to develop a resource in English to be used in maths lessons for 11 year olds!)

So how are primary schools (or more importantly primary school teachers) coping with having to deliver lessons without knowing the core knowledge themselves? (I mean wondeful if your school has a bilingual teacher or teaching assistant but not all schools are that lucky.)

The answer is brilliantly. With the inventiveness and energy that we see in classrooms everyday. But to help avoid propagating the wrong pronunciations, teachers need good strong resources with clear help.

Now good resources in maths, may be worksheets, powerpoints, games (like Emile) and detailed schemes of work. This may also be true for MFL specialists. However, for the non-linguist remembering their A-Level or GCSE french, this might not be sufficient to avoid teaching bad habits.

So what to do?

We take advantage of songs.

Songs are great at teaching the intonation and pronunciation of words and phrases.

Link songs to movements and you have a great way for pupils to learn the meaning of those words and phrases.

Show subtitles on screen and you start to illustrate the formation of words and how they are spelt as well as some grammar.

We believe that Cyber Coach French is one of the easiest and simplest ways for a teacher to deliver MFL lessons that give real impact. The scheme of work cover 4 years and is based around songs and dances. The dances are delivered on screen by a native speaker with memorable actions.


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